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Unlike applied art, fine art is created only for aesthetic purpose.
Before the first cameras, brush was the only way to depict the body on a surface.
Photography is considered today, in its own right as fine art too, but it is rarely that we can come upon works which merit this distinction.
The world was always a difficult place for the ones who are in love with what they do and wish to practice art for art's sake.

Recently, I have read a very good phrase on Wikipedia: "...However in the Postmodern era, the value of good taste is disappearing, to the point that having bad taste has become synonymous with being avant-garde.".
Even though I don't entirely agree with the idea, still it seems to me that "The Emperor's New Clothes" is much more acclaimed than the genuine fine art works.
Nowadays, the public consensus as to what constitutes fine art is heavily manipulated by the promotion of avant-garde works through the media.
The more 'non decipherable' a work of art is to the average viewer, the more artistic value it possesses.

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